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The language barrier is the misunderstood with teaching grammar is only let students do more structured paper exercises is enough. The author of this thesis actually had a L2-teaching experience for two years. This thesis will focus on the author’s real experience to talk about the misunderstood with teaching grammar is only let students do more structured paper exercises is enough especially about TESOL L2 language learners what we meet in the daily life in teaching and learning grammar.


Additionally, the thesis will discuss a teaching method named Task-Based Learning (TBL). It involves the specification not of a sequence of language items, but of a sequence of communitive tasks to be carried out in the target language. Central to the notion of a communicative task is the exchange of meanings which is “a piece of classroom work which involves learners in comprehending, manipulating, producing or interacting in the target language while their attention is principally focused on meaning rather than form ”. So that when we use the TESOL TBL way to have the class, as long as we follow the way to practice and then students will be more themselves centered to get and use more content they’ve known.

Thes   is When I was a beginner to learn English, I realized that it’s very hard to learn English grammar in Chinese and I was tired of doing paper exercises time to time. But when others asked me why it goes like that, Istill didn’t know how to answer or explain. Now when I begin to teach Istill can see how serious influence taken on Chinese students. Public school teachers always tell students the structure of the target grammar in Chinese, and students will recite all the rules in heart, but one day when there is another changed structure or combined structure, and it shows such as Tag question sentence, each student will say oh I’ve never learned it before. But teachers told them this is “反义疑问句” (the tag question ) , you have to follow the rule “前肯后否 and 前否后肯”. When we did the test, nobody knows what the tag question is, and we L2 learners would feel harder and harder when we are learning grammar. But when L1 learners teach us with tag questions, we all can understand clearly, cause tag is tag , it’s easy to understand and it’s much easier to use it too.


Since I studied at university, I began to be the tutor for junior and high school students. Most of them they asked to review and teach more are about the grammar. What we knew is English grammar is boring and it consists of arbitrary rules in total.

Since I began to teach English to now,TESOL how to use grammar as being as important in my mind, but it still always made students into kind of embarrassed situation. Cause parents and teachers still have the same asking: recite all the rules in Chinese. For the L2 language learners , they’re not easy to know why the object is here and why the verb is there or we don’t know why we have to use “have been ” to describe the thing which we’ve done for now. So that young learners always asked to translate or make more details description and parents always want to ask them to recite the strange rules without any context there especially before the test. But how’s the test, they alwaysforget what they need to add in the different sense and when they speak English, it going to be even more embarrassed.


In my opinion, teaching grammar does not mean asking student to repeat models in a mindless way, and it does not mean memorizingrules. Such activities can be boring and do not necessarily teach grammar. This does not mean there is no place for drills, but drills should be used in a meaningful and purposeful way.   Here that’s why I’dlike to talk about the method TBL (Task-based learning). Appropriate contexts are provided for developing thinking and study skills as well as language and academic concepts for students of different levels of language proficiency .students learn by carrying out specific tasks or project. In order to achieve the goal they will use and develop language forms to which they have been exposed, but they will also adopt strategies which sometimes lead them to ignore grammatical niceties and to create for themselves forms which are not sanctioned by the target norms. Teaching grammar and learning grammar can be a way that engages students all creativity and teachers all energy.

Grammar is not one dimensional and not meaningless; it embodiesthe three dimensions: syntax (form), semantics (meaning) and pragmatics (use).To use the English grammar accurately, meaningfully and appropriately, English as a second language students must master all three dimensions. This is true of any grammatical structure. But what Isaw until now , students and teachers during the exam institutions , we are all focused on the form and meaning but ignore the use part, whilethese three dimensions are interdependent ; a change in one results in change in another. And also they each offer a unique perspective on grammar. In order to apply the third part which L2 leaners are always ignore , the TBL can do real job on the apply and use. When we teachthe grammar, since they knew the rules, we will set different context and ask students to use it within many different activities. During the TESOLwhole lesson, students can feel more confident to use the target language grammar and they also know where and when they can use it.



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