Learning achievements of TESOL children's and advanced course

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This is the second time that I am attending the TESOL class, it was my pleasure to join the advanced class during the Chinese dragon boat festival, since I have already studied the children class last month, except the basic knowledge of teaching I feel itis very different from each other. Meantime, because of COVID-19, there are only six students study together this time, for the previous time we have 20, two experiences for me is quite fresh and new.


Regarding to the Children class, it is more concentrated on games and activities, which is more focus on the children age under 10 years old, teaching methods that usually could be used in TESOL and direct method, for example, for the TESOL   method that teacher could keep following the standard “ 1.teacher gives command and teacher do the action, 2.teacher gives command and whole class do the action together, 3. teacher gives the command and student do the action, 4. teacher point out one of the student to gives the command and let the student do action, 5. let students gives command and another students do the action.” for this method, it needs to keep repeating the core words that teacher would like to let student to learn, and student will be paid attention on the class and remember the words very fast. For the direct method, there are so many words like color, animals, numbers and so on, If the class is teaching animals, then teacher could directly take them to the zoo, through visual, and teach them the vocabularies.

In the other hand, for the advanced class, it is more concentrated on direct learning, which is more focus on the student age above 10 years old, for the age group of this people, teacher no needs to do that many actions to catch their attentions like kids class do, also could start to teach listening, speaking, reading and writing. The teaching way teacher could focus on cooperative and also direct one. Let students communicate with each other, let them share their own different ideas and knowledge to each other, teacher needs to check and help students, so that students could learn it fast through the talk way like this. Also, teacher could give them the songs, movie, music to let students grab the knowledge as fast as they could.



As most people enjoy listening to songs, it can be a useful tool to develop listening skills.Therefore, the implementation of songs in the classroom may facilitate the development of listening skills in beginner language learners. Besides, the lyrics of the songs are the most helpful tool as teacher can use for a lot of activities such as learning vocabularies, finding synonyms andantonyms, creating discussions. Furthermore, songs can bring relaxing atmosphere so students will not feel stressed when practicing listening and becoming interested in learning new vocabularies or grammatical structure.


Another listening source that most people enjoy is watching movies, the movies assist students’ understanding with visual support, such as facial expression and gestures. The conversation used in movies can assist to participant in the real life conversation as the exchanges in movies are very similar to the ones in the real-life, thus enhance more appropriate use of language and preventing cross-cultural misunderstandings.

Ted talk or other public speaking videos

Ted talks are available online, the speakers are celebrities, business people, politicians, innovatorsinventors, scientists, educator and other professionals with a strong and powerful vision of their own. However, some ted talks are complex so it is important to consider both the content suitability and appropriateness to their level of proficiency. This is not just a way to listen to learn a language, it is more like to learn a language within a context and to learn the content of the context itself.


Through the TESOL class that we have known from the linguistics, basically listening got 45% and speaking got 30% importance for learning a language, for reading is 16% and writing is 9%. Which is quite different teaching way from China, for the traditional Chinese teaching way is more focus on grammar, student are good at reading and writing, because they are more aimed to the exam, they are focusing on the written, however, for the real and good learning way for students to learn a language is that teacher needs to put listening and speaking in the front. So that they will have confidence to explore more in this language.

It is quite similar as the way that I learned English, i was very lucky that my family sent me to an international high school before, so that I could easily to know and learn English faster. I was also in the traditional middle school in China, teachers were just force us to memory and doing the test and exams everyday, I would not say that was a bad teaching way for students, the situation in China is that student needs to attend the college entrance examination, all students feel pressured and stressed since they have a huge competition, which is the way that each Asian country does.

In conclusion, I am very happy that I could attend the TESOL class again, i will definitely join the business class next month and completed my goal of being a TESOL expert.



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